Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Radio Sub FM: Foster djset 5th October 2015

In the name of Bass Culture...
You betta check out DJ Foster in his new  #bass #deephouse set on Sub.FM Radio!

Here's the MASSIVE playlist. En-JOY!

01. SHIGETO - Gently (forthcoming Ghostly International)
02. Arnheim - Mild Silhouette Of A Man (forthcoming Greta Cottage Workshop)
03. Arnheim - One beat (forthcoming Greta Cottage)
04. Jafma - Choose Funky (Trafim Remix) (Dushe Label)
05. Simon Maverick - M9 (forthcoming Bief Recordings)
06. Simon Maverick - M1 (forthcoming Bief Recordings)
07. JP Soul - You Want Her (The Revenge Mix) (forthcoming Roam Recordings)
08. Kate Simko & Tevo Howard - Bring It (Instrumental Mix) (forthcoming Last Night On Earth)
09. Four Walls - Limits (forthcoming SAFT)
10. Zek Africa - My Voice (forthcoming Moda Black)
11. Luka Tacon - Hard Times (forthcoming Plant Music)
12. Cooly G feat. Marc Perrineau - Waybay (Hyperdub)
13. Vexus T - Saviour (Liam Geddes Remix) (forthcoming Silence In Metropolis)
14. Albert - Back & Forth (forthcoming Studio Rockers)
15. Mark Henning & Den - Sin City (Swing)
16. Kate Simko & Tevo Howard feat. Jem Cooke - Beat Behavior (forthcoming Last Night On Earth)
17. Jem Haynes & SOAME - Bounce (forthcoming Colour Series)
18. Venntaur - Just Once (forthcoming DeepWit Recordings)
19. A M I R - Frame of Reality (Neovinyl Recordings)
20. Melodymann - LowFunk (forthcoming Melodymathics)
21. Finest Wear - In The Morning (forthcoming Nordic Trax)
22. Toefflinger - Got The Love (Roman Mühlschlegel Remix) (forthcomingsinnmusik*)
23. Craig Hamilton - Basement Vibe (Instrumental) (forthcoming Cat In The Attic)
24. Disciples - Mastermind (Parlophone Records Ltd / FFRR)
25. Toefflinger - Searchin (Fasika Remix) (forthcoming sinnmusik*)
26. Marck Jamz feat. Sheree Hicks - Body Rock (Leigh D Oliver Remix) (InnerCity)
27. Jamie Trench - She Likes To Play (Roots For Bloom)
28. Craig Hamilton - Deep Freeze (forthcoming Cat In The Attic)
29. Stuffa - Outside of You forthcoming (forthcoming Trunkfunk Records)
30. West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde On Blonde (Dunkel VIP) (forthcoming WNCL)
31. Lo Shea - Root causes (Kowton Remix) (transit)
32. SCNTST - T.H.E.L (forthcoming Boysnoize Records)
33. Jori Hulkkonen - Distant Cities (forthcoming Fly By Night Music)
34. Tuevolv - Unseen Aspect (forthcoming Angels In The Shadow)
35. Lapti - LL (forthcoming Gost Zvuk Records)
36. Ab-Soul feat. Aloe Blacc - Trouble (Rockstar Games)
37. Jay Dee A.K.A. J. Yancey - Against The World (A Tribe Called Quest) (Golden Years)

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