Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shamanism & Anime: Full-Metal Alchemist!

Are you ready for some Magic in your life? Then, check out Full-Metal Alchemist(FMA)! FMA is one of the most amazing anime I've seen in years. The adventures - in this world and the other - of Edward and Alphonse Elric are definitely inspiring. Character design is well above the standards of flesh-and-bones Hollywood characters. The narrative develops wisely and is full of surprises, episode after episode.
As a Shaman,Reiki Master and Life-Coach, I suggest to watch this anime to all my trainees. I am not kiddin. It is a fairly good introduction to basic concepts of Esoterism, Spiritual Discipline and Ancient Knowledge...FMA Characters represent positive role-models in action, capable of triggering deep reflections within Our-Selves. One of the very starting points of Shamanism is going back to our own roots, go-back to childhood and to pure, simple emotions and thoughts. Moving away from the limiting and limited patterns of the rational grown-up minds of adult individuals. Therefore,break taboos, learn and practice Alchemy (錬金術 Renkinjutsu),immerse yourself in the Art of Alkahestry, find Your-Self.

Join the Elrich bros on their journey to find the fabled Philosophers Stone...
Watch FREE and on-line the full cycle (original Japanes subbed in your language of choice)on the FMA Brotherhood YouTube Channel and hurry-up, because the Doors won't be open for-ever!
Life is Transmutation and Resurrection.
Pass The Gate of Truth!

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