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Raw Visions:Day-Dreaming DreamTime
Centered in the bush of young olive trees. Pulling my didjeridoo. Breathing through the endless cycle of “circular” breathing. Breath in. Harmonics. Breath out. Harmonics. Vibrations shaking my whole body. The drone of my lips pervading every part of my Being. Going Alpha.
Despite its primitive appeareance, the Didjeridoo is a high technology device.
A human oscillator way better than all the Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) of sophisticated synthesizers and electronic devices. It is time to talk about the connection between Human Mind and Wave Patterns. Playing didjeridoo harmonics has the power to bring me to other states of consciousness.
A TRIBAL REALITIES State of Conosciousness, actually.
Our minds constantly emit several wave patterns, with different frequencies.
How fast are these vibrations?
The lowest vibration perceived by an adult human is about twenty times a second - which our brain interprets as a BASS type sound. The highest vibration we perceive is many thousands of times a second - which our brain interprets as an extreme TREBLE type sound. It is the number of vibrations in a given time that determines the pitch of a sound. This is the reason that pitch is sometimes referred to as frequency. It is the frequency of the waveform peaks which are counted during a given period of time.
Generally speaking, standard range of audible frequencies is 20 to 20,000 Hertz or Hz. What about the frequencies below 20 Hz? We cannot hear them but we can “feel” them. Our usual state of mind is called the Beta state.
Beta waves are present when a person is interacting with the surrounding environment, and is concentrating, thinking, or solving problems. When I follow my Guru instructions and I successfully start ‘to tame my monkey mind’, the dominance of Beta waves (13-40 Hz) is replaced by Alpha waves with a frequency of 8-12 Hz. Alpha waves represent a mental state of rest and focus, yielding increased capabilities for creativity.
Being Alpha. Darkness. Feeling my breathing cycle. Expanding. Expanding. Expanding.
Serpent of Lights.
Going Theta (4-7 Hz): Day-Dreaming.
A wise Elder. Smiling.
He is coming to teach me The Way.
Pointing at me, He said “Tjukurpa”. Showing me The Way to Tjukurpa.
Waving his hand.
Delta waves (0.5-3 Hz). I see the Light of Intuition and Deep Meditation.
Uluru. I see Uluru.
The Monolith of Changing Colours.
Uluru, The Sacred. Uluru, The Space-Ship. Uluru, The Dimensional Door to the “Time Before Time” when Ancestral Beings created the world.
This time is called Tjukurpa by the Pitjantjatjara people from the north-west of South
Australia. This “Creation Time” is known to non-Aboriginal people as the ‘Dreamtime’.
Uluru is the Serpent of Lights. The Spiral of Energy Creating the Whole Universe.
Enjoy the Bliss of the Vision.
I am gonna learn The Way.
Then, the wise Elder told me: “Now, go back and tell them about It”.

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