Wednesday, 13 October 2010

[VIVA AFRICA!] Felebrating Fela Kuti inna FELA-bration @ New African Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you ready to celebrate the Black President's Day?Are you ready to celebrate the Afro-beat Culture? Are you ready for the legendary Fela Kuti?
Time has just come! 
I wanna celebrate Fela Anikulapo Kuti as a Shaman, Leader and Musician. Right there in his New African Shrine (Lagos, Nigeria). 
Check out the FELABRATION Official Site for info, picture gallery, artist line-up, videos and more...Fela music is so fresh, his words are so deep and wide in their meaning(s). Simply put, he talks about the reality of things in an effective, direct way. His music is a tool to understand our past and shape our future. In the present, I can tell you that he has a strong impact on music (from James Brown to Enzo Avitabile) and he is showing the way to all the human beings who want to open their eyes and work everyday to make this world a better place. Justice, Peace, Harmony. 

But Fela is not just about music.In the same way, Felabration 2010 (check their  Facebook Page) is not simply a gorgeous music festival and a tribute to the Black President.
Indeed, it is a way to explore all the dimensions of this multi-faced entity by introducing the FELA Debates: a forum "on sociology, politics and burning national issues, such as “afrocentricism”, the oppression of the masses and the underprivileged, nationalism, corruption and bad governance. " and the first symposium discussion - led by eminent Nigerians from various disciplines - to discuss on the topic of "The Social and Political Influence of Fela on our society" This is a fascinating and key issue to share...
Unity. Beyond Nigeria, Beyond Africa. Unity. Through tongue and tribe may differ. Unity. All Around the Planet.
Fela lyrics fly high all around the planet to remember us...We Are All Africans! 

Men are born.
Kings are made.
Treaties are signed.
Wars are fought.
Every country has its own problems.
So has Nigeria. So has Africa.
Let us bind our wounds.
And live together in Peace.
Nigeria one nation indivisible.
Long live Nigeria. Viva Africa.
The history of mankind is full of obvious turning points and significant events.
Through tongue and tribe may differ we are all Nigerians. We are all Africans.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti

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