Monday, 5 October 2015

Psychedelic, punk & surf rock from around the globe: THE WAY OUT by Cosmic Composition

I am currently listening to this fresh compilation of  psychedelic, punk & surf rock from around the globe by Cosmic Composition (Auckland, New Zealand).

You betta check out dem artists involved in this project:

Alec [NZL] affsid kidjhagiffy [NZL] -
Anderson Mahalek [USA] -
Ashes Holland [NZL] -
Christoph El Truento [NZL] -
Clever Calvin [NZL] -
Jitwam [AUS] -
Lapis [NZL] ~
Mr Amish [NZL] -
Old Smile [USA] -
Pacific Yew [USA] -
P.H.F [NZL] -
Salami Rose Joe Louis [USA] -
Trance Farmers [USA] -

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