Saturday, 19 December 2015

Shaman Claus Xmas Offer: Get all 26 Tribal Realities releases available on ‪#‎Bandcamp‬ and save 50%

Il Vostro Babbo Natale Sciamano vi fa un'‪#‎Offerta‬ ‪#‎Natalizia‬ che non potete rifiutare: 26 releases di Tribal Realities scontate del 50% (funghetti a parte)

Get all 26 Tribal Realities releases available on ‪‎Bandcamp‬ and save 50%. 

Storytelling djset with William S. Burroughs, Ferlinghetti, Deno Sandz, Daisy Zamora....

Poetry, beats and other tales. Storytelling by William S. Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Daisy Zamora + Tribal Realities ft. Horror Novelist Deno Sandz + AK Rockefeller (Identity Transduction Systems) ft. Patrice Lumumba + 
Realities ft. Rosa Parks+ Samuel L. Jackson monologue from Q.Tarantino's Pulp Fiction+ South African Revolutionary HipHop by Soundz of the South(SOS)
Photo: Jon Blumb, William S. Burroughs,1992

Dimensional Portals, Universal Consciousness

Tribal Realities Dub

BRAND NEW DUB to make you travel within your inner cosmos!

TRANSMISSION 04 is 7th in the Mixcloud Instrumental Hip Hop chart

GIVE THANKS to all the Music-Lovers!!!!<3
My djset Transmission 04 is 7th in the Mixcloud Instrumental Hip Hop chart!

Consciousness-raising Hiphop, Soulful Vibes...
Thanks to all the Artists in the playlist:
Thir3ye & Twit One Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​.​1 [Pharoah Sanders], Nujabes & Substantial & Clammbon, The Foreign Exchange, Jay Dilla, Emily King

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dr.Strangedub Echo Chamber show KFAI Radio (October 14 Episode)

It's a Worldwide DUB Affair Baby!
Join Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss (aka Capt. 2much FreeTime) in the Echo Chamber!!! Your worldwide dub club. With the heaviest dubs, the most conscious roots, and the funkiest club beats, all chilled and mixed into a subsonic stew...
Dr.Strangedub at KFAI Radio Studios, Minneapolis USA
Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) has been a DJ at KFAI-FM since 1996. The good doctor is the host of the Echo Chamber -- which pounds and soothes the brain with the heaviest dubs, the most conscious roots, and funkiest club beats on the planet.
A typical Echo Chamber show features a heavy dose of modern roots dub reggae and a potent shot of old school roots and dub. But dub just lays the foundation and holds the trip together: the DJ dub doctors cover the entire reggae rainbow, and they pull in the heaviest chilled beats from clubs around the world. For most shows, Dr. StrangeDub is at the controls for the first 2 hours, while DJ Baby Swiss "runs tings" in the second half of the show.
Now, having said that...
Since Halloween is approaching, you know...
I am very happy to tell you that the wicked horror dubstep track Halloween Verse I recently released was selected by the dubwise Dr. Strangedub himself (BOOM!FYAH!) so it was gloriously featured on his popular radio show on KFAI Radio.
What happened then?

Deno Sandz vocals and lyrics have been frightening the massive while my Tribal Realities basslines were building up a creepy and scary mood for Halloween!
Plus DJ Baby Swiss was in an effects mood last you betta listen again the whole show here (stunning playlist innit!)