Saturday, 29 November 2008

TRIBAL REALITIES presents...Free West Papua!

I am writing TR6...
I've recently produced a video called Free West Papua because I want to tell you the story of Papuans and their struggle for freedom against the illegal occupation of their land by Indonesian government and big business as RioTinto and BP.
Why am I telling all this to you?
Because Papuans struggle for their lives, their lands, their civilizations is our struggle to preserve our civilization, our culture, our traditions, our REAL economies against that global corpocracy of FAKE economy, predation and greed.
Industrialized civilization forced us to think we are disconnected from everything else. Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am. They tell us to expand our minds and live our lives in a Cartesian way i.e. separating body from mind, matter from energy, black from white.
But we know the world is much more complex that that.
Indeed, everything is connected to "everything else".
We Are All Related: Mitakuye Oyasin.
Indeed, I exist because I am related to.
Body is Mind is Soul. Matter is Energy. Black is White.
Each country has its own culture & traditions.
We gotta go back to our roots, our traditions, our millenary way of life.
It is time we skip Cartesian approaches, elevate Our-Selves to Supramental Knowledge,
establishing dense connections to THAT "everything else"

We gotta learn from Papuans: a civilization highly integrated with THAT "everything else". A civilization wiser than the industrialized world.
This is why I am supporting the Papuans.
Visit for more info: December 1st is West Papua Independence Day!
On December 1st I am Raising my Freedom Flag. How about you?

Stay Tribal, Stay Real!

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