Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lucas Brandão - Valisa

Straight up from Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil), Lucas Brandão is a Brazilian guitarrist and composer. A specialist in bossa & samba, Brandão is breathing deeply some new and fresh air into this traditional and world-famous Brazilian genres. 
I had the pleasure to interview him on  the pages of Tribal Realities Magazine - February 2013 about music, re-contextualizing Brazilian bossa & samba legacy and taking a stand on corrupted politicians ...Indeed, the song in this video is titled "Valisa" and it is dedicated to corrupted politicians... what a smart way to make people think!

[Tribal Realities] - "What's behind the term Valisa?"
[Lucas Brandão] - "Valisa is a type of wallet, bags and that kind of stuff which politicians use to save stoled money! Valisa is a brand of wallet too, very famous."
[Tribal Realities] - "hahaha"

With an effective "soft outside-hard inside" style, Lucas Brandão's sweet bossanova music makes us ready to receive ironic lyrics about the state of Brazil and (I guess) the world at large. It is time for people to wake-up and fight corruption on a planetary scale...with a gentle smile on our faces! :D

Check out his facebook page Lucas Brandão - novos sambas, bossa nova
You can listen to his music on soundcloud
Plus, Lucas Brandão gave me the opportunity to remix his tune...with the idea to add my Tribal Realities spices while being faithful to the original version... the result is a MASSIVE AfroBeat edit which is Smashing Corrupted Politicians in Brazil and Across the Planet with the Blessings of Baba Fela Kuti! Enjoy this FREE Download...

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