Sunday, 23 February 2014

Kube: La Mia Ucraina ( My Ukraine)

Whassup there?
I've just stumbled upon the good vibes of an underground Italian-Ukrainan rock band called Kube.
Yeah, you heard it right...Italian-Ukrainian!
They are transnational and independent and self-produced. And possibly, the epitome of a multi-cultural Italy.
The band is Nazar Motrovich (Ukraine, frontman, vocals & lyrics)  Ivan Velicsarn (Russia, bass)  Matteo Pantaleoni (Italy, drums), Luca Antinori (Italy, keys & programming).
Among their influences: Muse, Negramaro, Nirvana.
In 2011 they released a new album of 5 Italian and 5 Ukranian songs, wich is obviously (ha! :) titled "Bipolar Disorder"  depicting the 2 faces of an Italian-Ukranian personality...

You can read more about them in the articles by Italianipiù (Italian) and by (Ukrainan). But, first, watch their video la Mia Ucraina (My Ukraine) Україно моя (Встань) #Євромайдан dedicated to all the Ukrainian people of Maiden square.


...and you better watch the video of the smashing hit "Libero" (Free) about  animal rights and much more...

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