Thursday, 23 September 2010

Neo-Realismo 2.0: Ciné Institute (Haiti) @Williamsburg International Film Festival (Brooklyn, N.Y.C.)

Education in the 21st century means Video and Video-production. 
Ok, this is true for rich and "developed" countries, but what about the "left-behind" countries? 
I wonder if *Filming* is likely to be a powerful tool of development in the (euphemistically called)  "Least Developed Countries (LDCs)"- namely countries with:

Do you think you wanna teach Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and sound recording to poor and illiterate kids?Do you think it is possible to create job opportunities, generate wealth, re-contextualize culture and movie at a time? 
The Ciné Institute folks, accepted this 21st century challenge. They firmly believe that:

"Haiti, and most Haitians, have been left behind. The country’s infrastructure is primitive and poorly maintained, there are few local industries and the country depends almost entirely on the importation of goods and foreign aid. Film, and the training required to make films, can offer Haitians access to the 21st century means of production, by providing entry to a universe of educational, technological and economic opportunities. Film and filmmaking breaks isolation, expands horizons, creates new skills and provides a voice to the previously unheard."

In a certain way, this is what happened to my country, Italy, wrecked by World War II:  talented artists-skilled craftsmen with no money, started telling the stories of their own lives. Their daily life of poverty and desperation. Story-telling for the post-war global world. In this way, the Neo Realismo (Italian neo-realism) was born. In this way, the Cinecittà Studios produced award-winning masterpieces by legendary Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, Cesare Zavattini. Below, you can watch the trailer of world-famous movie Ladri di Biciclette (Bicycle Tieves) by De Sica & Zavattini.


Today, once again, talented artists-skilled craftsmen with no money, start telling  the stories of their own lives and culture. Again, a Neo-Realismo-like mechanism is triggering the world success of Bollywood (India) and Nollywood (Nigeria) filming industries. Leveraging creative techs, this can be the very beginning of what we may call "Neo-Realismo 2.0"... feel me?
With direct/indirect effects on Italy and other "developed" countries, uh?

So I am saying "Go Haiti, Go!"
Check out the latest production by Ciné Institute - “I’m Still Alive” by Keziah Jean at the WILLIAMSBURG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (WILLiFEST) in Brooklyn, N.Y.C. (Sep 23-26 2010)

I'm Still Alive from Ciné Institute on Vimeo.

And watch this full set of trailers
fascinating, independent movies screening at the WILLiFEST: here
P.S. Till now, my favourite is ...actually,  my favourites are Abidjan, Sneakers and Soul, Poinciana Sunrise and ... let me know your favourite videos, drop me a line at the TRIBAL REALITIES Page on Facebook

Plus, check out the WI-TV: a "a 24/7 content channel that brings you WILLiFEST highlights and happenings. "

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