Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Autumn Leaves, Gilles Peterson and Going Inside...


 I went outside. The Sun is still warm. 
Under the rich trees, a couple of apples were waiting for me.

Thank You!
Apples in the pocket. The Sun is still warm.

Tomatoes and hot peppers keep shining in the afternoon light.
A cold wind is blowing. The first autumn leaves gonna fall soon, uh?
And I'll see all their colors.
Elm trees. With their fire...red and  flamboyant yellow.
Just like the Indiana Summer.
Keep going. Time to get those potatoes from down there.
And prepare for the Autumn is coming.
Going inside.

Here's the Track  List:
1. Gilles Torrent Jazztet – Terre Engloutie (plainis phare)
2. Rachel Gould/Chet Baker – All Blues (Bingow)
3.  Jean-Pierre Fouquey – L’Etoile Du Nord (Cryonic)
4.  Royale Jazz Trio – Various Kicks (Theme De Yoyo) (Roper)
5. David Frost/Billy Taylor – Bright Star In The East (Bell)
6. Hank Crawford – Dat Dere (Atlantic)
7. Toldi Maria – Fazom (Qualiton)
8. Gilberto Gil Umbelina -Vou Papagaio, Voa (Celluloid)
9. Os Tincoas – Quem Ve La (Cid)
10. Geraldo Vandre – Sarabanda (Philips)
11. Georgette – Kirie (Tapecar)
12. Egberto Gismonti – Sonho (Fontana)

Naturally, all the pix you see are from my garden, in The Green Heart of Italy.

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