Monday, 6 September 2010

I-House U: 340, Limestone Street.

"I used to write" - he was singing out loud.
Years passed. Memories are still.There.
"340, Limestone Street. Yeah take me there." - I mechanically whispered with a deep impersonal voice, while jumping in the sub-conscious yellow cab.
Mind travels in space and time. Easy. You know that, uh?
"My name is Chrome" - the driver told me.
I tilted my head to the side. Started day-dreaming.
Wanna go back to good ol' I-House and its native people.
Remembering people, papers, places...
My stream of consciousness was suddendly interrupted by a flock of birds flying through my field of vision. Just like a cluster of genetic algorithms moving on multiple windows.
"That's HTML 5 canvas, man!"- the taxi driver told me, smiling.
"W-what?" - I shivered.- " Birds going to the I-House through HTML5 canvas???"
"Now our lives are changing fast" - he kept singing, while drumming on the steering wheel.Then he stopped the car.
Chrome smiled and said "when they ask you to
'Enter the address of the home where you grew up'
just remember '340, Limestone Street.'

Exiting the car, I found My-Self... There.

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