Monday, 23 August 2010

Sali Music: New Urban World Music!

[Flavor Flav:] "You`re blind baby you`re blind from the facts on who you are
`cause you`re watchin` that garbage".

Back in 1988, this is what legendary oldskool posse PUBLIC ENEMY were rapping about.
Are you still watching that garbage?
Stop watching it and listen-up!
He came out from nowhere people are haunted by his music.
His name is surrounded by a misterious and controversial aura.
I am talking about the dj/producer/singer Sali and his New Urban World Music!
Check out his dope track "Told Ya" featuring M.I.A.

Leveraging the pro-sumer forces in the realm of social media, this rebel without a pause is dropping lyrics like bombs of reality over a world of sleepless zombies. Yeah, deffinitely zombies retrained by a 24 inch remote.Are you watching Channel Zero?Is Your Heart tuned to a Dead Channel?Are you one of those Zombies?

Open Your Eyes!
If you are looking for phat beatz, sub-bass linez and consciousness-raising lyrics...check out Sali's website, watch the videos and FREE download mind-blowing tracks!
Plus, since um sure you are a CCTV Celebrity, I guess you wanna jump right into the Remix/Video Competitions. Zee Ya There!

My Dear TRIBE,
Let's Go
Back to The Roots,
Back to Life,
Back to Reality!

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