Friday, 27 August 2010

NEW TR-ack: Castigat Ridendo Mores aka TRIBAL REALITIES CHA-CHING RMX

"Castigat ridendo mores"
Translation: laugh corrects customs

"Castigat ridendo mores" is an ancient Latin expression which fully embodies the very essence of Satire. Millenia ago, the wise Romans understood that the best way to change things is to laugh at them.
Satire corrects customs/manners by laughing at them.
Go ahead, just point out their ridiculousness and laugh at them!

This is what I've done in the last few days, Bass in Dem Faces, check this out...

I've been working in my studio to produce a tabla-rich Desi-flavoured hip-hop remix of Sali's track "Told Ya" ft. M.I.A. which I called TRIBAL REALITIES CHA-CHING RMX.

FREE Download here

You might say,Why Cha-Ching?
You know, my native town is Napoli (Naples) in Southern Italy.
Having fun of the Empire has historically been our favourite sport (ha!)
Therefore, teasing and mocking "the powers that be" is an attitude deeply rooted in my DNA.
Having said that, look at the cover picture I made for you to know that,
since the governments already sold all of us... can actually hear 'em cashing in all the money *Cha-Ching!* LOL! Now hear this...

Sali ft. MIA 'Told Ya' (Tribal Realities Cha-Ching RMX) by tribalrealities

Got the idea?
if P-Funk George Clinton is right when he says "Free your mind and your ass will follow" then I would like to add:

Move Your Ass, Will Free Your Mind!
In other words, enjoy my fresh vibez, start thinking...

Banging Beatz and Raising Consciousness,

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