Thursday, 13 November 2008

TR5: Human Beings!

TRIBAL REALITIES Issue Five is now on-line!This issue deals with Change, Recession and New Patterns of Evolution, opening up new vistas: Uganda, India, Japan, Jamaica... with the stunning contributions of Paul Bigirwa and Aras Alkis.

Seek Opportunities.
Recession is a Chance to Change.
The World has New Vibes.
And a New US President.
Discover Your Roots and Radiate Love for...
...We Are All Human Beings!

Stay Tribal! Stay Real!
Lotta Luv & Good Vibez,

DISCLAIMER: Dear Reader(s), for better and relaxed reading, please DOWNLOAD the PDF file: the on-line iPaper format sometimes doesn't give back the REAL impact of TR5(aka, it sucks!hahaha).

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