Sunday, 26 March 2006

The M_Gallery: Spiritual Warriah

MArco Spada. Spiritual Warriah(Mar 06). Mixed Media on Brown Paper. 75x100cm.


  1. There you have it!
    Well bro, you asked for some true feedback and here it is..
    I'm really glad to see your habits and attitudes haven't changed and it's great to see you keep on doin' things which let your creative energy flow. I see that none of the things that we left behind is really behind us. They've more likely been absorbed by our souls and minds. I hope we'll soon be able to meet again and maybe do a bass/tabla jam like we did some years ago. Keep on rockin' everything and on "changing by not changing at all".
    We REALLY are brothers.

    Marco d-Rò

  2. Wow! Pretty cool! This is more than true feedback!...Marco d-Rò, you got all my Love!I am coming down to Napoli this week-end..thus next week we may jam togetha? I'll let you know about it! Thank you, my man.

    Your Bro,

  3. Hey, Marco. Nice paintings. How are you doing?

    I'm working on my final project and If I pass this class I will be graduating on May.

    That sounds fun.

    What are your plans right now?
    I hope you are enjoying every day of your life.

    Your friend,

  4. Yo Franz! Que pasaaaa???
    Thanx 4 the feedback...I'll go on with that. A HUGE Good Luck for your graduation in May...enjoy and celebrate!
    I think I am gonna visit some friends in the next week...i.e. more pics on the blog...stay tune for more details!
    Bye Matador!