Monday, 17 March 2014

Rise of the Shamans: Plastic Shamans or Conscious Healing?

I didn't look for Shamanism. 
One day, completely unexpected, Shamanism knocked at the Door of My Life and I had to answer to that Shaman's Call. Without any previous experience and without any cultural compass to decode the New Realities within my-self, I had to patiently develop my own "equipment" to live in balance across worlds. It was hard. 
But it was my only option: bravely moving forward and embrace the unknown.
I opened my personal Pandora's box and faced my dear and near demons.
My Guru, My Guides and Allies have been constanly training me with challenging experiences and Divine Love.
I was attuned and received Ancestral Knowledge and Powers and Blessings.
A life-long learning process.
This is My Way and I Love It!

I've always been aware of issues like cultural neo-colonialism and the commodification of sacred wisdom. I've met people with a total lack of gratitude and respect for the Teachings. Big greedy egos. You know, it's not about the money, it's about proving to be worthy to receive. The video White Shamans & Plastic Medicine Men [1996] can give you a broad general view on the subject...
Regardless of your cultural heritage and the color of your skin, respect the tradition, the culture and, above all, the people behind all that. Be humble and learn. This is what I wanna do and you?  
Yesterday, a friend of mine submitted me a Times of India article Rise of the Shamans, where I found the following:

 "Shamanism is not a religion but an adventure into one's own mind(...)It takes time to become familiar and to deal with the spirit world. I tend to refrain from requests for quick healing. This is not a spiritual aspirin that you can pop and be healed."

Indeed.Its' an Adventure!
You know, people are looking for the quick fix. If you are looking for the magic pill or a one-size-fits-all solution it means you have no time to stop YourSelf. If you ain't got that time it means you are not ready to start walking on this Path.
If you want effective Healing you need to be Conscious: start a journey within and beyond, learn to accept and love your-self. This is gonna change your life. You are gonna be in full-bloom! :D
When I am on-line, I am not openly talking about Shamanism because I believe Shamanism need to be practiced not verbalized.
I am not selling a corporate and patented version of Shamanism©, I am not giving away an ephemeral flavor-of-the-month technique, I am not departmentalizing and trivializing the wisdom of the Ancestors.
My Teachings are far beyond the fordist-capitalist paradigm of certificates, degrees, departments, levels and professional skills.
My Teachings are far beyond reductionsim and above the Cartesian  paradigm which separates knowledge from experience, content from context.
My Teaching are Supra-Mental i.e. above and beyond the ordinary patterns of mental logic. Stretching out of your comfort zone, anyone? ;)
This is why I encode Ancestral Knowledge into my music, art, narrative: I am giving you an experience.
If you want to know more about Shamanism you need to experience.
Music, art, narrative can be a good beginning. Then you will need personal and direct experiences.
Then you will need a Guide. 
If you want learn come and see. Not on-line but as a real person. Eye into the eye. Hand in hand.
If you want to learn who you are.
If you want to walk beyond your darkness and your light 
If you want to answer that Call that only your Heart knows.
Come. Come and See.

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