Monday, 3 December 2012

TRIBAL REALITIES VOL.V: 432Hz Vibes, Sacred Economics and The Orion Belt...

Welcome to Sacred Economics,
where people trust each other
where people exchange gifts not money
where people name the price they wanna pay...

Awake, Sing Your Song...

Starting from today, 
the full-album TRIBAL REALITIES VOL.V will be available on-line as a Gift!
I Love Our Universe!
This album is an Offering To Stars, Planets and Divinities and it is attuned to 432Hz to foster Global Awakening. Experience these Good Vibes!

In other words...
this content is offered on a "pay-what-you-want" basis, the full album is available on-line as a Gift. EnJOY!

Wanna send a Return Gift to Tribal Realities? 
Cool, Thank You! ;)
Choose the Gift Price, Name Your Price and Download
the full album & Hi-resolution full color Pdf booklet...enJOY it with Your Full Heart and My Full Blessings! ^____^
Happy Listening...

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