Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Universal Taal Project | Shivashankar and Prathna E.P

"Taal or rhythm cycle represents the universal rhythms of nature and life within us and all around us. Music beyond definitions or boundaries, crossing many cultures and sounds. A unifying force that connects all people as one in the music ."
Ranvir Singh Verma (Universal Taal Project)

My big bro Dj Soundar from Paris, introduced me to the Intergalactik Desi Vibes of Anglo-Indian bassman Ranvir Singh Verma aka Universal Taal Project and his collective of talented musicians. Ranvir is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and (re)mixer with a unique blend of alternative Asian electronica... 
Next thing I know is that I found myself listening to their fresh & smashing 4-track E.P Shivashankar & Prathna...ballistik bass lines, massive dubstep & dnb grooves, original arrangements and Eastern soul-full-ness vocals: these vibes will be greatly appreciated by the Almighty Lord Shiva up there on the Kailash!fo sho!!!
In other words, it's pure raw audio powa triggering ancestral mystikz! 
Mash-up di scene...

19TH Nov 2012: the E.P. will be Officially available World Wide  on Frequency Tribe the meantime, Jump to their official facebook page...

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