Wednesday, 16 February 2011

EGYPT 2011 | Tahrir Beatz: Overthrowing Dictators One track (One Shoe) at a Time...

...watching Al-Jazeera on that historical 11 February 2011, being blowed away by the power of Tahrir Square, Cairo. I've been there several times when I was studying Arabic... yelling my destination to make those amazing mini-van stop and pick me up, playing darbouka or hanging out with my egyptian friends to discover the food, culture and lifestyle of an amazing country. Here and there I saw those huge Mubarak billboards and thought...what is gonna happen then?

Now, I see the Egyptian People, getting rid of neo-colonial policies orchestrated by Mubarak corrupt and repressive regime. The Tahrir Square People are giving a great lesson of freedom and justice to their own government and institutions. And, I guess, to the whole planet...feel me?
So, my love goes to  the Brave and Free Egyptian People.
This is my instant track to celebrate such an historical event.
Enjoy this FREE Download for a FREE Country!

  TAHRIR BEATZ by tribalrealities 

I am sure Humankind got enough VIBES and enough SHOES to overthrow all the dictators of the planet...and live in Peace. Together.

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