Saturday, 1 January 2011


it is the first day of the first month of this New 2011 Year,
so take some time to focus on New Year's Resolution(s).

I am a Native of this Land.
I am the Son of Pachamama.
I am gonna Wake Up all my Brotha n Sista
and Raise to a Higher Level of Consciousness.
Can You Dig It? Comprende?

Awakening the Rainbow Nation...

<<Afro-Cuban suggestions resolving into Emotional Scenarios, Piano-Thoughts evolving from the Aknowledgement of the State of Our Mother Earth to The Role We Are Playing as Human Beings. Rediscovering Our True Nature. Back to the Roots through an Indigenous Resolution!>>
 This Tune is My Re-Sol-ution for the Year 2011...


It is time for...Aknowledgement. Re-Generation. Awakening.
it is time for a RESOLUCION INDIGENA! 

Your Friendly Neighborhood,
Tribal Realities

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