Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Gracia de Los Santos: #12 in the House Chart = ) -->Now, Keep On Movin' On!

Los Santos entered the Top 20 in the SoundClick Charts:#12!

I feel satisfied and I thank you all My Dearest fine-listeners and music-lovers out there.
Now, I feel I gotta move on...
Just like my paintings,I know my Vibes - once they are composed, played and produced - are Free to fly everywhere they want, despite musical labels, genre, niches...and charts!LOL
Keep head noddin' to Los Santos Vibes. Keep Enjoying Your Life!

Now...I am currently working on new music productions and painting, writing, editing the Second Cycle of TRIBAL REALITIES magazines.Stay Tuned!

Keep on Movin On!
(Lotta Luv to Jimmy Abney for this amazing tuune!May Los Santos Vibes Be with You!)

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