Wednesday, 7 July 2010

DJ Kyle Long: A World of Universal Vibes!

Desi Dubstep - Indian flavored Dubstep selection by kyle long

DJ Kyle Long is shaking the whole state of Indiana,USA with Indian flavored DubStep selections,insane Balkan Beats, rare grooves of Brazilian Funk, Afrobeat's endless grooves...and tons of top-quality music from unconventional bands and out-of-ordinary genres. Next stop? The World!
I had the pleasure to meet him in Indy some years ago, enjoying his taste for good music, visiting his house already overflowing with vinyls from the four corners of the world. Indeed, the man has a wide knowledge of music and, technically speaking, he's a well-rounded deejay. But what really strikes me is DJ Kyle Long's elevate consciousness and subtle taste for True music.Yes, with capital T. Do you know what I mean?

Do you wanna 'labels' and 'genres' to categorize and compare? Move beyond. Labels are good when first approaching to something new and unknown. Later, labels are useless. In other words, consider this new version of the old adagio from Eastern philosophies: "Look at the moon(music), not my finger(labels)."
We listen to "World" music, "ethnic" music, "black" music, "classical" music. Forget that. Just listen to plain, simple, tasty "Music".I guess this is the main message of this young and talented DeeJay. Breaking taboos and stereotypes, on the wings of Long's music we fly high. Thinking about DJ Kyle Long's music, it comes to my mind John Coltrane's committment to his own personal search...Indeed, Trane said: "I am looking for a Universal Sound."
You know, music shapes the world we live in. As a matter of fact, it reflects our values and the perception of our-selves and others. Blunty put, tell me what you listen and I'll tell you who (you think) you are.
Thus, ask Your-Self: Who am I?Know Thy-Self!
Start and keep listening to Long's selections of unconventional vibes, you'll learn a couple of things about this turbulent, ever-changing global world, but most of all, you'll have the chance to learn something about Your-Self. Because, at the end of the day, a dancefloor is not simply a dancefloor...

Who Am I? I Am Your Reflection.

Who Are You?You Are My Reflection...

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