Friday, 16 July 2010

DJ Mtshepang: "A Trip to Sao Paulo EP"

As the sound of the ubiquitous vuvuzela horns fades away, South Africa is delivering us another hypnotic experience: DJ Mtshepang and his multifaceted palette of Deep-Afro, Tribal & Ancestral Soul vibrations. Pristine and mesmerizing rhythms trigger ancestral memories, deep and minimal melodies elevate our consciousness, re-connecting and aligning our planes of being.
In his Trip to Sao Paulo - produced by the first brazilian house label Grooveland Brazil - this passionate and talented producer/DJ from Johannesburg, South Africa is going back to his own Roots.
We gotta go far away to discover what is too close to us, uh?
Thus, DJ Mtshepang introduces us to Underground Rituals of Ancient Nguni Tribes, guiding our souls through the Afro-Brazilian secrets of Umbanda, and much more...
The time has come to deeply understand the true culture of Africa and the intimate linkages with the other cultures of the planet, uh? He is moulding his own traditional culture in a contemporary, glocal shape.In other words,understand your culture, renovate, innovate, render it into brand new and tasty flavas. DJ Mtshepang's house music is contemporary without sounding Westernized. Traditional without being folkloristic.Primitive yet technical. Indeed, I enjoy his efforts to develop a primitive technology of vibrations for the 21st century human beings. On the dancefloor. DJ Mtshepang is a lo-tech man inna hi-tech world. I guess I wanna write more about this subject in one of TRIBAL REALITIES next issues. Stay Tuned.
In the meantime, enjoy your trip to Sao Paulo...

DJ Mtshepang- Trip to Saõ Paulo [Incl. Azee Projects] is now available on

Juno downloads


Last but not least, check out the remix of Umbanda by "Sao Paulo-born Azee Project (from the Brazilian Soul Crew fame), where he explores his dark yet samba-esque side."

Dear DJ Mtshepang,
I am sure the Orishas and the Ancestors are Proud of You.
Keep up the Good Work!


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