Friday, 19 March 2010

Inhale & Pass It Around: TRIBAL REALITIES Issue 11 is On-line!

TRIBAL REALITIES Issue 11 is On-line!

Visions, Verses & Vibes from Higher Dimensions!
In this issue:
1.RAW VISIONS: Shamanic Art via mixed-media
2. THE JUNGLE BROTHER (Episode 2): a full-color visionary graphic novel steppin outta Babylon
3.TRIBAL VIBES: Legendary Tribe Records Re-Mastered on SoulJazz
4. OBA, THE KING OF EDO: A Single-Canvas Short Story
5. TUNDE ADEBIMPE: Lo-tech Man inna Hi-tech World
6. TELE-VISIONS: Le Retour de Liaram, Joël Cimarrón Animated Homage to Aimé Césaire

An engaging Reading Experience + FREE download!
This time..since I know you guys are lazy ^__^ I added the links inside the magazine for you to jump on extra-content...check it out ch'yall!
Plus, I am gonna add some more EXTRA-content in the next days...on this blog

Stay TuUuned!
Keep it Tribal! Keep It Real!

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