Sunday, 17 May 2009

TR9 Video: Strangers inna Strange Land

Ciao!Lampedusa mi ricorda tanto Ellis Island, e a voi?
While editing TR9, I produced a brand new video: Strangers inna Strange Land.
From Ellis Island to Lampedusa Island.

Lately, the inhabitants of "Fortress Europe" forgot they have been migrants themselves, back in the days....
So here's a brief summary of Migration Flows & Routes...
US govt: what is the migration policy today?
Your Left Index Finger, Your Right Index Finger…
"Fortress Europe" & Italy: New Migration Flows & Routes
Italian Govt is returning migrants to Lybia,violating the Non-refoulement principle and the rights of asylum seekers.

UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees, backed by the secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, expressed “grave concern”. New policy was censured by the Council of Europe...

DANGER: Italy, right of Asylum Seeker & Non-Refoulement Pirinciple under Threat!
THINK: It’s a controversial issue, Use Your Brain & Share Opinions with Others to Collectively Solve It…

TRIBAL REALITIES productions = my conscious video editing + my original hip-hop vibez = makes ya think!

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