Thursday, 10 July 2008

TR4: Viva Mexico!

Que onda?
Click here...TR4 is finally on-line, featuring the stunning contributions from multimedia producer Franz Borja-Hernandez(Mexico), award-winning artist Paty Ortega(Mexico) & photographer Silvia Superbi(Italy).
In this issue we are going back to the roots of Ancient Mexico, discovering our Love and Respect for Mother Earth.We are going to deal with controversial issues like Columbus discovering of the New World, Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Terminator Technology (V-GURTs), the end of Tenochtitlan and the rising of the New Sun, Tonantzin and Green Powa.
We wanna be In-Dios: tuning our-selves to universal vibez and act accordingly.In other words, be free and live in joy!

Que Dios Los Bendiga,
Marco Katana

picture above: El Niño Radiante, Vibrating Energy in the whole Universe

1 comment:

  1. Hey bro, great job!
    I loved the layout, color and everything. It was a really nice experience having seen this issue being developed step by step.

    I hope to work with you in future issues.


    PS. I owe you a video, I know. I've been a bit busy, but I haven´t forgotten.