Thursday, 7 June 2007

Hate It Or Love It, I Do My Thing. And Pretty Loud.

Whazzup everybody?
I am chilling here in San Venanzo. Working pretty hard and I just produced a new song - originally composed to celebrate my friend Nyasha's graduation - which, right now is in the international charts at

You know, sometimes it is so hard to get feedback from people around you. Now I got honest reviews from professional musicians. Definitely.
Hence, I can better understand my strong/weak points and improve...inna "ready, steady, evolve and solve" style.

So, once again, a new chance/challenge. A new playground. It's been several years since I realized the main pattern of my life:
"I am coming from far away, I am going far away".

And I chose to follow My Path. Some people find it irritating, some people support me.But, you know,
Hate it or Love it, I Do My Thing. And Pretty Loud.

Future is moving from 'Here' to 'There'.
On a Fast Track.
Evolution. Paradigm Shift.
Ready, Steady, Evolve and Solve.
I Guess 'There'is Where I Wanna Go.
and Show & Prove My Voice, My Choice, What I am, Understand?

If you like my music, please jump to
and click on the iLike this artist orange button to the right.
You can download my tracks directly into you iTunes!

Lotta Luv,
SAI selecta

P.S. See my fingers in the pic? M is for MidWest...BooYakasha!

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