Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Nu Liphe_Nu Blog_Higher Vibez

My liphe is changing again, new goals & new vision arise.
Experiencing nu phrequencies and realities.
Cuz I can't give up and I don't stop!

"The individual is valued only on the basis
of the level of transformation he has attained."


  1. Great Blog man!! You are always changing your setpoint... few things can change the way you metabolizes your experiences: to be inspired by something is one way. The best one, probably. So, enjoy! Good energy, my friend!!

  2. Ha!Whazzup man!Where are you sphrindukkianding, lately?Good to hear from you again. Let me know about any contribution (content, not money, uh?)or suggestions or links(to your new blog, maybe?), please.Thank you so much, bro!I appreciate it. Sì troppo bbell' o' frà! Marco.

  3. Wao wao wiii....

    Look who's here. Non of them main man Franco, aka Rocco, and boss-man Marco. Long time no see. I'd like to welcome you guys Indiana style.. HOW YALL DOIN'?

    I am trying to get used to Marco's site. There is a lot of stuff in here. It'll take time, but I'll memorize everything. I promise!

    Glad to hear both of you guys are happy.

    Keep in touch. Big up your self. Keep it real!



  4. Ogul! The Main Man behind Ali G. success! How are you, bro?Glad you enjoying the blog.
    Tell me if you suggest any change, gimme feedback and please, suggest me
    links and additional content, please.
    Link Exchange: gimme your blog's link!
    Keep in touch. Big up your self. Keep it real!

    Luv Ya. Marco.

  5. did you write that huge character? you are really really good. shame on me i dont know how to write that honestly. good job marco. keep it up! sophia

  6. Thank You, my dear Hsiu Sophia Ni!Yes, I wrote it with the Photoshop!You are very kind and thank you for your precious comment! BTW, how's going your yoga class?And your Japanese?Sophia wa sugeeee!Keep in touch. Love the Kanji.Take Care.