Friday, 4 November 2005

Tribal Reality in Phull FX!

Today is Friday and, as usual, I am unleashing my Tribal Attitude to play with all the friends here at the International House.
Thus, after the cultural hour, bring your drum and have phun!
By the way, November 15 from 10 to 3 p.m we all are going to play at the University College,Room UC115 for the International Festival.
Wanna come? Wanna Play? Wanna have Phun? Come and enjoy!
Thank You.
Marco aka Tribal Reality

above: photoretouched picture. Courtesy of my man Franz. More of his pictures at


  1. hey marco. i hope you check these. this is photo would be a great ad. i wish we had more time to think things through at the i house. i think we could have gotten more things done smoothly, like let people know about the music with this style of ad.

  2. Ciao Sakura!Genkinano?It is a HUGE pleasure to hear from you and receive this kind of feedback...ya always brilliant, baby!I think we did a good job but, I do agree with you, we have to improve it! Let me know if you got nu ideas and opportunities to co-operate on ANY KIND of Project. I would be delighted to contribute and team-up with you. Make Indy you remember that?Let's make it happen! Kisses, Marco.

  3. Hi Marco.... this is Kyle from Indianpolis.... I have wanted to contact you, but don't know how... I miss your presence here... hope you are well.....